The nth First

Though I doubt that someone is reading this, I’ll say hi! How do you do? As for me, yeah…getting by. Going on with life. Can’t remember exactly how many blogs, or at least failed attempts to build a well-maintained blog, before I come up with this one. The difference? Nothing much.

The first one was uhm…well don’t judge me we all gone through this – a “reblog” blog back to Tumblr days. That was followed by a personal blog in the same platform and that was the one I’ve managed to have the longest. When I think it’s no longer working and the burning heat of motivation is long gone missing, I’ve decided to crossover a different platform.

From there, I tried to level up my game by being a little bit more “professional” and attempted to generate income using it. Unfortunately, I realized that it’s not working for me either because I wanted fame and money and that’s when I decided that I have to stop. I stopped because I don’t think that’s the point of it all. It wasn’t bringing me that satisfaction I had with my previous one. Yeah, it’s a shame. And this is the first time I admitted it out loud.

The one that followed that isn’t completely different from its predecessor. I promised myself that it’ll be more personal, no expectations to generate income at all or just come what may. Yeah, you guessed it right. That failed too.

So here I am again. Bringing the inner blogger in me. You may ask why? Why attempt again when you failed numerous times? The answer is simple.

I’m lonely.

I’m currently in this stage of life where you don’t know where you’re headed to. Every day, you are bombarded with questions you don’t know the answer to. You’ve graduated with a 5-year degree course, passed the board exam and now an engineer, working for a multinational company. But what’s next? You’re 23 but achieved little in life. Your bank account is not growing as you’d expected. Not being well-traveled. 90% of your plans for yourself are too far from reality. And worse, amidst of it all, is there something waiting for you on the other end of the line?

All of this and more are screaming at the bottom of my lungs and no one seems to care. No one seems to listen. No one even dared to ask. Not even the one that you loved the most. And yeah, blog listens, it suspends judgment.

But don’t you worry, self. Leave this to me and I’ll do whatever it takes to make everything alright. It may take us time, it may take us a lot of firsts but we’ll get through this in time.

I hope that this blog becomes an ideal one, not just for me but for those who decide to listen. I promise, this ain’t gonna be full of rants. I commit to making this worth visiting as possible. Looking forward to meeting new people.

All the best,