Hi! Welcome to Mermaid Anonymous – just another infinitesimal online page among a sea of prodigious blogs. In here, I document bits of my life – daily musings, places I’ve been to, and my misadventures.

I play the game of being a little bit incognito due to some reasons. First is that I’m a chicken and I don’t like people knowing my misfortunes and all. You can also say that I’m afraid of showing the world the real me and hiding under this blog’s warmth gives me a sense of security. And if by any chance that I excel in this field, I want to keep it to myself for some time. I want it to be cherished solely by me. I want to hold onto it for as long as I want. Maybe by then, I can tell myself that “No, you’re not a failure.”

Hey, I am not a loner at all! Neither do I want fame. I just need someone to listen and care. If you think you can do that, please drop me a message. I promise not to tell you stories as emotional as my introduction. It’s nice e-meeting you.