Hi! Welcome to Mermaid Anonymous — my online outlet where I document bits of my life, my daily musings, places I’ve been to, and my misadventures.

I’ve been on-and-off blogging since I was 16. Back then, it was due to hobbies and pleasures until brands find beauty in hiring bloggers as advertisers. Just like any one of us, I started blogging in Tumblr, met bloggers all over the country who share the same passion as mine then took the leap to change platform to Blogger then now on WordPress. Nothing’s the same since then.

I grew up in a small town in Southern Tagalog, Philippines and now living in the middle of a hustle bustle city around the metro. Every day, I wake up to fight my battle against the corporate world as an Electronics Engineer, seeking my career advancement in Information Security field.

Things I love include coffee, photographs, stationery, five- star hotels, swimsuits, and pop rock and alternatives. Items on my bucket list include skydiving, spend an entire vacation with a stranger, visit Amsterdam and Cappadocia (among other amazing places), witness aurora borealis, and to chug an entire bottle of whiskey by myself.

If I’m too cool for you, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Cheers to online friendship!